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Traffic engineering company awarded national credit rating AA

Inputtime:2020-08-14 14:35:00   
Wú míng
One public office

Recently, the national credit evaluation results of the Ministry of transport were officially announced, and the transportation engineering company was awarded the national credit evaluation AA in 2019. Guizhou and Jilin provinces participated in the national credit evaluation.

In 2019, under the guidance of the strategic development of the group company, relying on the "334" project deployment, the company carried out quality engineering creation action, achieved professional management, refined management, informatization management, construction standardization, and standardized team management; in terms of scientific and technological innovation, the company established a scientific and technological innovation mechanism, formulated a scientific and technological innovation plan, and actively promoted the application of "four new" technologies In terms of project quality, it has established and improved the project quality assurance system, established quality excellence organization, defined the responsibilities of the excellent management department and personnel, and implemented the quality management means in the construction process; in the aspect of engineering safety, it has established and improved the safety management system, deepened the construction of safe construction site, and actively promoted the construction of double safety accident prevention system, which has achieved good results It has been unanimously recognized by the owners.

In the next step, the company will continue to firmly establish the sense of good faith performance, comprehensively grasp the main responsibility of credit evaluation management, continuously and deeply promote standardized management, keep up with advanced benchmarking enterprises, make accurate efforts towards "building an enterprise with excellent essence", and unswervingly promote the company's good faith performance to a higher level. (company 7: Zhang Junwei)

Author:Wú míng   Source:One public office

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